What motivates your wellness journey?

Forget the presidential candidates, Dancing with the Stars contestants or Alec Baldwin’s upcoming nuptials. The pop culture figure getting the most attention these days is the Evil Queen from Snow White. After all, she is being portrayed by Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron at the movies this spring and is the main power player in TV show Once Upon A Time. But with all of that magic at her fingertips, what’s the girl really hung up on? Being the fairest in the land. Perhaps if Queenie had been more concerned with fitness rather than appearance, her fairytale might have had a different ending.

This being a healthy living blog and all, it also made me wonder if more people are influenced by looking good or being fit when it comes to wellness. Not that there’s anything wrong with being influenced by both, as long as the outcome is healthier practices and habits. Appearance was one of my motivating factors went I started my weight loss journey twenty years ago, although self-esteem and a desire to make my body feel better topped that list.

Curious about this issue, I created a survey to learn more about why people regain lost pounds. So far only about 450 people have responded and I need more for the sampling to be scientifically valid. But I thought you mind find this factoid interesting. When asked what factors inspired their desire to lose weight, living a healthier, longer life (76%) actually topped the list, followed by clothes fitting better (74%) and feeling more attractive (67%).

What motivates your healthy living journey?  Feel like doing an emerging author a solid and increasing the number of survey respondents? It takes less than two minutes to take this survey and you can enter a drawing to win a $50 gift card. Thanks for helping me spread the word!


  1. Hmmm. In college I went on a diet, purely to lose weight. I think that it was about the size I was, and that was the motivation for years. At some point I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and started to exercise. The slow shift to being healthy probably started then. But it has really only been in the past few years that my primary focus really has become being healthy more than being thing or how I look.

  2. These are great questions to consider. I think the answers are complex and that people considering lifestyle changes may not be fully aware of all the factors motivating them. And sometimes it’s hard to articulate our motivations.

    I’m thinking about me 10 years ago, when I’d gotten to a weight 30 pounds over my ideal adult poundage. If you’d asked me then, I would have said I wanted to look better again.

    That answer would have been accurate, but I think the deeper truth was that I simply didn’t feel like *me* at that weight. It wasn’t until I fought my way back to leanness that I realized what I’d been missing.

    • Mary, fighting back to fitness is going to make you appreciate having it so much more. It’s great that you are using your own example to help motivate others in their wellness journey.

  3. I started this journey to look better and get my self confidence back. Along the way it has become so much more. It’s about having more energy and keeping my body in the best possible health state it can be in. My concern with health is probably a little more specific than most. I’m a type 1 diabetic and I am convinced that they will cure my disease in the not so distance future. I want to keep my body in the best shape possible to be ready for it!

    • Pam, I think you’ve nailed it with the wellness journey evolving into something much bigger. Fingers crossed a cure will be available soon. Meanwhile, i saw an interesting article from UPI on diabetics who exercise have increased mobility and will send that too you. :)

  4. I had to laugh at one of the answers to your survey – I’m the perfect weight and don’t care if you’re jealous :). That’s some ‘tude I like! When someone sees results after hard work they should take full credit and relish every public glance. As for myself, I’ve never had a weight issue. I gained a lot when I had my daughter but it came off pretty easily. Occasionally I’ll decide I need to lose 4-5 pounds, but I have a very high metabolism that protects me from gaining too easily. I don’t mind bragging about my metabolism because it’s truly the result of taking care of myself – exercise and a healthy diet :).

    • Suzanne- Brag away about that metabolism because you have certainly earned it, my bionic friend! Thanks for checking out the survey too. :)

  5. I’m probably an outlier here, but I started my fitness journey back in high school to be able to improve my athletics. I think this largely tied into the issue of self-esteem, though. Prior to getting into fitness, I found my identity largely in getting good grades. Well, the situation changed at my school and guys who were good at sports got the most recognition, so I did that.

    Now, I’m mostly motivated by watching older people around me lose their ability to perform activities of daily living. I’m now trying to make activities of daily living as easy as possible for myself… and hopefully looking better in the process. Ha.