Meet Shira

Shira MillerShira Miller is an award-winning Branding, Public Relations and Internal Communications expert, professional transformation coach, author, wellness blogger and speaker.

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Branding and Public Relations

Standing out from the crowd concept

We help clients hone their branding, messaging and direction to effectively connect with target audiences. Our team also creates positive awareness with strategic communications campaigns, publicity generation via traditional and social media outlets, social responsibility initiatives and more. Explore how we can help you!

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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagment - Happy employeesWe help companies win the war for the right talent with strategic internal communications and change management initiatives that promote employee engagement and retention.

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From the Blog


Eureka! Great ideas for locking in your “aha” moments and keen insights

Ever had a brilliant idea or insight, only to get so lost in the swell of daily life - an impending work deadline, hungry kids, trying on 14 versions of little black dresses to find one that actually looks good for your high school reunion - that it slowly trickles out of your memory before you can do anything about it? It's a pretty common occurrence in today's 24/7 world. Who knows if Thomas Edison would have invented the light bulb if he was distracted by Twitter and I'm sure Marie Curie's research on radioactivity would have suffered if she spent her weekends binging on the last season of "Orange is the New Black." With a bit of foresight though, you can easily lock in those "aha" moments with these practices: Write it down. This means keeping a notepad and pen handy beside your bed, work desk, in your car and other places, or … [Read More...]

Group of business executives with sad emotions

Three Reasons Why It’s Good to Sometimes Let Yourself Feel Bad

We've all heard about the dangers of peer pressure during one's formative years when it comes to drinking, drugs or in the case of my high school years, to wear one's hair as sky-high as possible. But years later, societal pressure for adults to … [Read More...]

Sweet dreams

Want a healthier, happier life? Then sleep on it!

When it comes to wellness, good nutrition and regular exercise tend to be the rock stars. It's no wonder with benefits like increased energy, better fitting clothes, bolstered self-esteem and so much more becoming apparent within a relatively short … [Read More...]

Transformative Coaching

Megaphone: Public Relations Concept

A graduate of the internationally-recognized Coaches Training Institute, Shira provides executive coaching for companies that helps develop authentic, inspirational and highly-effective leaders. Through her private life coaching practice, she also empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve greater happiness, balance and success.

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