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Shira MillerShira Miller is an award-winning Branding, Public Relations and Internal Communications expert, professional transformation coach, author, wellness blogger and speaker.  Learn More »

Branding and Public Relations

Standing out from the crowd concept

We help clients hone their branding, messaging and direction to effectively connect with target audiences. Our team also creates positive awareness with strategic communications campaigns, publicity generation via traditional and social media outlets, social responsibility initiatives and more. Explore how we can help you!

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Transformative Coaching

Megaphone: Public Relations Concept

A graduate of the internationally-recognized Coaches Training Institute, Shira provides executive coaching for companies that helps develop authentic, inspirational and highly-effective leaders. Through her private life coaching practice, she also empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve greater happiness, balance and success.

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From the Blog

Sweet dreams

Want a healthier, happier life? Then sleep on it!

When it comes to wellness, good nutrition and regular exercise tend to be the rock stars. It's no wonder with benefits like increased energy, better fitting clothes, bolstered self-esteem and so much more becoming apparent within a relatively short period of time. But did you know that getting enough sleep is just as important if you want a truly healthier, happier life? Until recently, it felt like sleep was the red-headed stepchild of wellness - a necessary practice but one that often got overlooked in our 24/7 super-charged lives. I often had insomnia from my teenage years throughout my thirties, rarely grabbing more than five or six hours of shut-eye a night during the week. Sadly enough, I thought this as a good thing, giving me extra time to read, be social or work when others were still ensconced in their beds.  That changed … [Read More...]


How to make the best of a fast food situation

In an ideal world, we would gravitate towards unprocessed, healthy foods in the same way that Kanye West adores Kim Kardashian...fully and completely, no matter what haters or Saturday Night Live parodies say. But even when eating clean comes to you … [Read More...]

Biggest Loser feb 2014

Three Lessons from the “Too Thin” Biggest Loser Winner

While The Biggest Loser inspires many viewers, I don't watch it because there is so much focus on quick-weight loss and not enough on what it takes, psychologically and emotionally as well as with exercise and nutrition, for long-term wellness. Have … [Read More...]

Branding for Coaches

While executive, business and life coaches have tremendous talent helping others develop to their fullest potential, you might lack the marketing expertise or outside perspective needed to create a compelling brand that resonates with clients and other target audiences. We help you create a distinctive image and message that attracts targeted clients with our branding offerings. Learn more about webinars, focused branding consultations and other options created by a fellow professional coach.

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