Meet Shira

Shira MillerShira Miller is an award-winning Branding, Public Relations and Internal Communications expert, professional transformation coach, author, wellness blogger and speaker.

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Branding and Public Relations

Standing out from the crowd concept

We help clients hone their branding, messaging and direction to effectively connect with target audiences. Our team also creates positive awareness with strategic communications campaigns, publicity generation via traditional and social media outlets, social responsibility initiatives and more. Explore how we can help you!

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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagment - Happy employeesWe help companies win the war for the right talent with strategic internal communications and change management initiatives that promote employee engagement and retention.

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From the Blog

See it to achieve it: How to use visualization to succeed at work

If you are serious about bowling, you probably don’t want me on your team. Haven’t bowled in two decades and even then, didn’t score much higher than the typical highway speed limit. But in the name of team building, I went to an upscale bowling alley with a great group of co-workers in town for our company’s annual Key Leadership Summit. Started out with a couple of gutter balls, but then I paused and actively imagined myself doing better. By the second game, I hit two spares and broke a three-digit score for the first time in my life. While I’m not going to be recruited by the Professional Bowlers Association anytime soon, this quick shift made me think about the power of visualization. Bottom-line, visualization is about "seeing it" - playing a circumstance out in your mind's eye to achieve a desired outcome. Think it sounds too … [Read More...]

Want an engaged workforce? Get better at giving thanks!

Before traveling to a foreign country, I learn the local phrase for "thank you." Taking that simple step inevitably leads to great service, whether I'm trying to find the nearest Pilates class, attempt not to look like a dork (too late for that) … [Read More...]

Express Yourself: Why Bringing More Personality to Work Promotes Greater Employee Engagement

Whether Madonna sang about it, or the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteed it, the freedom to express yourself resonates deeply with many of us. Like my 77-year-old mom, who laces her texts with pink hearts and kissy emoticons to … [Read More...]

Transformative Coaching

Megaphone: Public Relations Concept

A graduate of the internationally-recognized Coaches Training Institute, Shira provides executive coaching for companies that helps develop authentic, inspirational and highly-effective leaders. Through her private life coaching practice, she also empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve greater happiness, balance and success.

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